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SOLVES is a framework for creating a high-functioning “Exploration Factory”. As a strategic framework for balancing exploitation and exploration, SOLVES involves exploring the Story that may exist as part of one or more key challenges of existing or new customers; finding a unique Opportunity to serve them; enabling Leverage of internal/external resources; creating a Vehicle to solve the key challenge; executing the Exploration of that vehicle; and once a viable vehicle has been found (after rounds of iteration), ensuring the Scale of that vehicle to the larger marketplace.

“S.O.L.V.E.S. offers us a framework for understanding, and guiding, actions to resolve the eternal tension between innovating and exploiting existing competencies..” -Daniel Robey, Emeritus Professor, Georgia State University

“Design thinking reframed. S.O.L.V.E.S. breaks innovation down into 6 steps, creating opportunities with the end user in mind. And as in Design Thinking, it won’t stop after one iteration.” —Dr. Tobias Strobl, Strategy Consultant, Aerospace & Future of Mobility Evangelist, Author, Startup Advisor

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