Analytic Tools

Dr. Armour has created a simple, yet, comprehensive set of analytic tools to create Systemic Balance in your organization.

These tools show you how to put these practical creativity tools into practice to move from full dependence on either exploitation or exploration to the optimal balance necessary for survival and thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Learn and apply these tools and the framework to execute the successful scaling of your best ideas.

The S.O.L.V.E.S. Innovation Methodology


What is the deep customer Story that defines the industry or arena you intend to explore?


What unique market Opportunity appears within this story? This can be thought of as the opportunity to move customers “from A to B” where:

A = their problem or desire | B = the solution


What resources available to or unique to your organization or team (including “technology mosaic”) can you Leverage to address this Opportunity?


Using Leverage, what Vehicle could you create to help customers get from “A to B”? The “vehicle” you create will ultimately become your new M.O. (Market Offering).


What Exploration will you do to test your new “M.O.” (Vehicle) with customers or within the market? Does your vehicle help them “get from A to B”?


How can you produce or provide your new Vehicle (M.O.) at Scale?